Denim Dog Diaper

MSRP: $9.95 - $14.95

These dog diapers were designed to fit male and female dogs of all sizes. Designed for incontinent dogs, dogs that suffer from excitable urination, and for female dogs in heat.

Made of a soft, yet sturdy denim material. A soft, patterned, flannel fabric lines the denim material for added style and comfort. Thick enough to absorb an entire bladder-full of liquid. The waist size is adjustable via two winged Velcro strips. Elastic gently wraps around each leg loop to help prevent leakage. Diapers are machine washable.

• Made of a durable, yet soft denim material
• Lined with flannel for added comfort
• Elastic leg loops provide adjustability and prevent leakage
• Adjustable waist via Velcro waistband
• Fits anatomy of male and female dog
• Multiple sizes to fit all sized breeds

Blue denim with a patterned flannel lining (lining color and pattern may vary).

This product is available in six (6) different sizes, XXS through XL. To choose the proper size for your dog, please use our Sizing Chart.

NOTE: If you are looking for a diaper to hold feces, please choose our SnuggEase Dog Diaper.

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